From time to time André records demos for the other members of Maninblack so that they can learn the songs on their own without wasting valuable rehearsal studio time. Below you will find MP3 files* of these demos which are free to download and distribute and all that we ask is that you not alter these files in any way, shape, or form (including ID tags), without our expressed permission and, by downloading these files, you are confirming that you understand and agree to these terms.

All songs are for demonstration purposes only and are not intended as broadcast quality recordings (with the exception of "New York, New York USA" below). All MP3 demos files have been optimized for a quick download and streaming audio. If for some reason you require a higher quality version contact us. Persons with a specific purpose, such as prospective band members and music/media industry professionals, may also contact us with a request for password access to our Industry Only files which are some of our broadcast quality studio recordings.



Fighting In The Streets 2:33


The NYC (There Will Always Be) 3:42

(Digital demo single) 2 Songs & Label Art



Future B Sides

(Digital demo EP) Cover Art

1) Where Do All The Junkies Come From? (4:07) Cover Art

2) Sit Down / Shut Up (1:32) Cover Art

3) Police Line: Don't Cross! (1:20) Cover Art

4) Unfuck'nbelievable (2:30) Cover Art



Broadcast quality single:

New York, New York USA (2:07)




1) Read Between The Lines (3:44)

2) This Is Oi! (Oi, That's Not Oi!) (2:54)

3) Straight Out Of Babylon (4:07)

4) Mid Life Crisis (2:54)

5) I Don't Believe In Jah (2:51)

6) We're Gonna Rock You (3:11)

7) That Maninblack... (4:12)

8) New York, New York, USA (original demo, 2:06)

9) Bring It Down! (Redskins cover*, 3:04)

10) Satanic Mass Theme (2:06)

11) We Are The Gonads (1:14)



All songs copyright © 2002-11 André Schlesinger except where indicated*

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