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Maninblack Opens The Books - Now Accepting And Scheduling Engagements

New York, NY USA - April 1, 2007- Maninblack is now officially accepting performance bookings beginning April 30th/May 1st and beyond. Maninblack will debut during two back to back performances on 4/30/07 and 5/1/07 and plans to follow up with numerous local and regional shows throughout the Spring and Summer of 2007. If you are a club owner, manager or booking agent and are interested in having Maninblack perform at your venue or event, please contact us. Additional contact information including telephone number, hard copy and electronic press kits, and music samples are available upon request.

Maninblack is a band based in New York City performing original Punk music blended with UK Punk and Pop Reggae styles, a modern electronic edge and a subtly dark Cyberpunk image. Maninblack's personnel lineup includes André Schlesinger on lead vocals, guitar/synthesizer and keyboards; RJ Demler on bass guitar and backing vocals; Renzo Ortega on keyboards, samples and backing vocals; Andrew Falk on lead guitar and backing vocals and Brian Blainey on drums and electronic percussion. Initially established in 2001 as an experimental project Maninblack has, along with a few misfired debut attempts, released tracks on various compilations and tribute albums. Maninblack is represented locally by André Schlesinger in Manhattan and internationally by Garry Bushell Enterprises, LTD. London:

Maturity and reliability are important aspects of Maninblack as performing artists and they pride themselves on their professionalism. The band is supportive of publicity efforts and takes a concerted interest in the promotion of individual performances. Maninblack offers an exciting musical and visual experience that is reminiscent of the UK Punk phenomena of 1977, yet innovative and unconventional even by current Punk standards, in their unique style which they view as a logical evolution of the Punk music genre.

What related and established artists are saying about Maninblack:

"The new face of Street-Punk" - Stinky Turner, The Cockney Rejects

"Oi meets The Stooges in Pop's back garden" -Clyde Ward, The Gonads

"Un-fucken-believable!" -Beki Bondage, Vice Squad

"My favorite US band since the New York Dolls" -Garry Johnson, Punk poet and author

For more information see Maninblack: The Official Online Press Kit! at or contact André Schlesinger at An encapsulated version of the official web site can be seen on Maninblack's MySpace page at

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