1984 -1994

On Halloween night, 1994 The Press played their absolute last performance at The Gas Station on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Billed as a "reunion show" it was in fact a follow up to the band's recent recording sessions and several more shows had been planned. Although The Press' lead vocalist and songwriter, André Schlesinger, attempted to keep the band going 10 years of line up changes, luke warm response from record labels, and minimal support form the various other members of The Press had taken its toll and Schlesinger moved on to pursue other areas of interest. Widely accepted as NYC's first authentic Oi band, and possibly the first in the USA as well, The Press formed in 1984 and released several recordings including"Just Another Warning" on Moon Record's NY Beat: Hit & Run, 8 tracks on Oi! Records Skins 'N' Punks Vol. 5, "It's Not What I Want" on The Best of Oi! Records compilation, and their last release "Friday 5 PM" on Radical Record's Oi!/Skampilation Vol 1. Today, 10 years later, Schlesinger fronts his vision of new world disorder, on lead vocals and now guitar synthesizer, with the Electronic/Oi/Punk/Reggae hybrid Maninblack with administrative support from fellow Oi legend Garry Bushell. Schlesinger also lends his guitar synthesizer and song writing talent's to Bushell's band, long time UK Punk and Oi perverts The Gonads . As Schlesinger stated in a recent interview with Maninblack publicist Sally Hand: "I was often cited for being angry [when I was in The Press], as if that's a crime, and I guess a certain amount of anger went into The Press' song writing process and my personal performance but if you think I was angry then, well, I'm 10 years older now and a whole lot meaner. Maninblack is a reflection in an oil slick of that anger. I'm known for being somewhat of an idealist and on top of that I'm now on a very personal mission, I'm in a very dark place, so this is going to hurt a whole lot more."

The Press, hosted by City Of The Dead:

The Press interview in Double Barrel fanzine

André Schlesinger talks about The Press with COTD

The Press, live video stills (1987)

The Press live video: Revolution Now! (1987)

Garry Bushell's eulogy to The Press: A 21 Guitar Salute

The Press Record Releases and Pins

The Press Lyrics

The Press live video: Shut Your Fuck'n Mouth (1992)



The wait is over! The Press discography has been released as a collection, along with a few previously unreleased tracks:

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From 1984 to 1994 The Press have included:

André Schlesinger: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Jews Harp
J Christopher Noone: Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
John Monahan: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mike Alba: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Gideon Greenburg: Bass
James Marshall: Bass, Backing Vocals
Jordan Pontell: Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals
Pete Parnerous: Drums
Bob "Dextrose" Rodrigues: Drums, Backing Vocals
Tom Hamilton: Drums
Leon the Hippy: Drums
? (Baby Aqua): Saxophone


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